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April  2010
Meet  4 of the 16 candidates running for the JC Board of Ed : 
Terry Dehere ( incumbent ), Carol Lester,
Jerry McCann ( incumbent ), and Sterling Waterman.

March 2010

Meet  2 of the 16 candidates running for the
JC Board of Ed :  Marimer Navarrete and Arthur Zigman. 


March 2010
Discussion with 2 of the current JC Board of Ed elected officials, 
Jerry McCann and Terry Dehere regarding the school budget,
expired teachers' contract and cuts in state aid..


December 2009 - January 2010
Tour the grave sites of famous JC politicians with local
JC historian  Dennis Doran

October- November 2009
Meet  2 more candidates running for the NJS Assembly for the 31st District: 
Democratic incumbent Tony Chiappone and Independent Neil Scott.

September 2009
Meet  3 candidates running for the NJS Assembly for the 31st District: 
Republicans Irene Kim Asbury and Marie Day and Independent Omar Dyer.

June, July, August  2009

Update on the extension of the Crystal Point Tax Abatement &  the saga of the
Ward C Councilwoman Nidia Lopez's residency and shortened Ward C Feb 2009 show.

April - May 2009
Meet  2 candidates running for  JC Mayor, Dan Levin & Lou Manzo.

April 2009
Meet  4 candidates running for the JC Board of Ed.  The election was April 21st.

March 2009
Meet  the incumbent, Steven Fulop, who is running for re-election for Ward E,
the  Downtown section of JC.

February 2009
Meet  2 of the candidates for Ward C, which includes Journal Square and parts of the
 Heights in JC.  They include Norrice Raymaker on Dan Levin's ticket and
Nidia Lopez on Mayor Healy's ticket.

December  2008 - January 2009
Conversation with Stephen Hart - author of
"The Last Three Miles" - the history of the Pulaski Skyway
and the role of former Mayor Frank Hague

August - November  2008
Conversation with Steve Fulop -  Downtown Councilman in Jersey City

July  2008 - rerun

Tour the "in-fill housing"  in Jersey City that is not in compliance with the
current zoning laws.  Where's the enforcement?
In memory of Melissa Holloway - her run for Mayor in 2005

May  to June 2008
Ines Garcia Keim - candidate for Hudson County Freeholder, 5th District

February to April  2008 - rerun
Hudson County's Homeless Count -  meet some of the people involved
 with helping the homeless whether at the County
or at the private shelters

December 2007 / January  2008
U2charist  concert at Grace Church
for World Aids Day....

October/November  2007
Hudson County's Most Wanted Criminals..... Ed DeFazio,
the Hudson County Prosecutor is the guest....

July / August / September  2007
Guest  Earl Morgan, Jersey Journal journalist, and Mia Scanga discuss the JC MUA
( Municipal Utilities Authority ) and United Water. 
Where's Chris Christie when we need him?
 Tour the "in-fill housing"  in Jersey City that is not in compliance with the
current zoning laws.  Where's the enforcement?

June  2007
Meet  Nino Giacchi, Hoboken's 6th ward incumbent,
now in the run-off election
Meet Dawn Zimmer, Hoboken's 4th ward run-off candidate, with Ian Sacs, PE

May  2007
Meet 2 candidates for the State Senate:  Lou Manzo for the 31st District
and Sal Vega for the 33rd District

 Hoboken's  SW Redevelopment Plan

April  2007
Meet 4 candidates for the JC Board of Ed election
Meet the 4 candidates for the State Assembly for the 31st District

March  2007
The 3rd public meeting of the JC downtown traffic/transit
study....  The Jersey Avenue highway extension has again been resurrected.

January / February  2007
Hudson County's Homeless Count -  meet some of the people involved
 with helping the homeless whether at the County
or at the private shelters

December 2006 /  January 2007
Meet the folks at the Liberty Humane Society- Animal Shelter in JC

November 2006
Judith Karpova, former Hoboken resident,
discusses her experience as a human shield in Iraq

September / October  2006
the How to Guide to the JC Municipal Court
with Chief  Judge Wanda Molina

August  2006
Controversy over the PJP land fill:
ball fields & parks vs warehouse
Controversy over  the City of  Hoboken's take-over
of  St Mary's hospital

(see news link above )

July  2006
Guardian Angels in JC +
6/28th Reservoir 3 rally and vote by the JC City Council
to open the gates.  Council voted yes.
February 2007:  Mayor Healy announced at a press conference
that Reservoir 3's open space would remain passive for use by the entire city.
This is a major win for the activists headed up by Steve Latham!
Congrats to Steve and the Alliance who worked so hard!!!!

June 2006
Reservoir 3 May 6th rally by the JC Reservoir Preservation Alliance
against the Healy administration who padlocked the public out

May 2006
Conversations with Tony Cucci and
Bill DeRosa  - JC School Board members

(see news link above )

April  2006
Controversy over the closing of St Mary's Hospital
in Hoboken

(see news link above )

March 2006
SLAPP defamation lawsuits - Capogrosso vs the Lefrak Organization.
Capogrosso's win in the Appellate Court
Dec 2006:  The Assemby passed the Slapp legislation 79-0. 
The bill number is A1077(2005 bill).  The Senate does not have any
sponsors except Loretta Weinberg.


February  2006
The Jan 18th public meeting on the FYE 2006 JC budget
(see news link above )

The closing of Sacred Heart Church in Greenville

January  2006
JC- NJ DEP's  Dec 5th meeting -
the health study on the impact of chromium on local health

December 2005
JC- NJ DEP's  -  Cleaning up toxic chromium
in our communities -  Nov 14th meeting

(see news link above )

Tuckerton Seaport
Christmas Holidays

November 2005
Eminent Domain - JC style - The Golden Cicada +
update on the JC reservoir
( click here to see related articles... )
Restaurant Row ordinance, update on Reservoir 3 and 
the Embankment

October  2005 
JC Studio Arts Tour + Museum's vintage JC postcard collection

September 2005 
CHEAP 30 YEAR Tax Abatement for the former JC Medical Center
 on Baldwin & Montgomery Avenues ( The Beacon )

August 2005 
Jersey City Reservoir -  a 13 acre oasis 

July 2005 
Who's in charge? 4 segments on numerous ills impacting Jersey City

June 2005 
Medical Practice in NJ - doctor's march on Washington DC

May 2005 
Interview with Melissa Holloway - Candidate for JC Mayor


Interview with NJ State Assembly  candidates  for the 31st District
 Anthony Chiappone (incumbent) & Bill Ayala -
"Democrats for Reform"
Interview with NJ State Assembly candidates for the 31st District
Louis Manzo (incumbent) & Charles Epps Jr.

Carol Marsh for Mayor and Team Hoboken - runoff election

April 2005
Interview with Alfred Pine- candidate for JC Mayor +  
Frank Falcicchio - Ward A - Greenville candidate
Interviews with Ward B Candidates Michael Galdieri 
and Greg Racelis & Steve Fulop  - Ward E  candidate
Interview with Crystal Jones - Ward F candidate and
Lennart Nilsson- Ward D

Michael Russo, candidate for mayor of Hoboken 

Carol Marsh and Team Hoboken - Hoboken
Mayoral election

March 2005
Interview with Suzanne Mack, candidate for JC Board of Ed
Feb. 23rd JC city council meeting on 
the Shore Club Tax Abatement - luxury Newport condos 
Theresa Minutillo, a Hoboken  Bd of Ed candidate

Hoboken- Candlelight Protest against 900 Monroe St 

Jan/February 2005
Yvonne Balcer interviews Robert Byrne- JC's City Clerk

December 2004
Yvonne Balcer on the Powerhouse Arts District

November  2004
Yvonne Balcer interviews Melissa Hollaway regarding 
the New Jersey Room at the JC Public Library

Oct/November  2004
Mia Scanga interviews Lou Manzo, candidate for Mayor of JC,
and Jeffrey Dublin, candidate for Hudson County Freeholder.
Bob Duval interviews Hoboken Council members and 
People for Open Government on the Pay to Play referendum 
which is on the Hoboken ballot!

October 2004
Mia Scanga interviews Willie Flood and
Steve Lipski, candidates for Mayor of JC

Sept / October 2004
Yvonne Balcer interviews Louis Manzo
candidate for Mayor of JC and author of a new book 
on chromium contamination in JC.
Two Churches- St. Anthony's and Holy Rosary in Downtown JC.  
Both churches are on the Archdiocese's list of churches to be closed/merged.

August 2004
June 28th Public Meeting on the State's Plan 
to construct an Early Childhood school in the JC Heights - 
( Entire block would have been razed of homes &
 businesses.  State abandoned plans for that site. )

July 2004
The Hudson County Budget - Freeholder's meeting in June 2004
& JC Mayor Glenn Cunningham's funeral procession
JC's 9/11 Memorial Controversy &  the 
Washington March for Women's Lives in April 2004
with host Mia Scanga
 ( Sept. 11 memorial turned down for Jersey City waterfront -
Teardrop sculpture caused controversy - Feb 14th, 2005 JJ )

June  2004
ADP / 2 Journal Square 10 Year Tax Abatement EXTENSION,
the beginning of the end
with host Yvonne Balcer

May / June 2004

with host Bob DuVal

April / May 2004
with host Bob DuVal
( See Jersey Journal's  July 24th  article hyper-linked above )

April 2004
FLINTKOTE  20 YEAR CONDO TAX ABATEMENT - defeated & later approved
( The identical tax abatement was later re-introduced at the July 14th City Council 
meeting and passed on August 11th.... See this interesting website on
Councilman Steve Lipski and his relationship to Steve Hyman, the developer...

March 2004
repeat--- Activists Wins -  Liberty State Park, 6th Street 
Embankment and Lincoln Park West  ( in JC )

Feb / March 2004

February 2004
with host Yvonne Balcer

January  2004

December  2003
 & $1.3 MILLION  1% LOAN
with hosts  Mia Scanga & Yvonne Balcer

 November  2003
40 year Tax Abatement awarded to the Whitlock Cordage property
with host Yvonne Balcer

October / November 2003
Candidate for State Assembly,
Candidate for Hudson County Freeholder, District 4
(shortened/ edited version of previous show)
with host Mia Scanga

 October  2003
Candidate for Hudson County Freeholder, District 4
with host Mia Scanga

September / October  2003
JC Artists Studio Tour...
Update on JC's annual Studio Tour at 111 First Street
 and Interviews with 6 artists who presented their work


September  2003 
Bd of Ed  & 
Republican Candidate- 
HC County Exec with host Yvonne Balcer

August  2003
Anthony Soares
- Hoboken Councilman-at-Large
 with host
Bob DuVal

July  2003
Hudson County Freeholder &
Jersey Journal Columnist
 with host
Mia Scanga

June  / July 2003
Activists Wins -  Liberty State Park, 6th Street 
Embankment and Lincoln Park West

May /June 2003- Special
Democratic Primary- Interviews with candidates 
Vincent Militello- State Senate 
& Louis Manzo- State Assembly

May / June 2003... Roundtable discussion on zoning issues & the
 lack of regional county planning with specific examples

April  / May  2003...  Grace Church Van Vorst's Artist Gala
A half hour of wonderful performances showcased that week-end.


March  / April  2003... the Flamingo Diner --  The interplay of local politics
Show documents the battle the Daikos family waged 
against Jersey City's government to tear down their restaurant 
in favor of Goldman Sachs & Joseph Panepinto's request to widen 
Greene Street for a left hand turn lane.  
( Note: On April 11th, Mayor Cunningham announced the restaurant 
has been spared and a plan presented by the Daikos family many months earlier
 would be approved.  It's election time and Cunningham is running for State Senate.  
10,000 signatures on a petition and our TV show counted. )


Jan, Feb, March 2003.... the new JC Medical Center
Interviews and a tour of the new medical center under construction 
at the corner of Jersey Avenue & Grand Street in downtown JC


Dec 2002 / Jan 2003... JC Parking Authority...
Local JC residents discuss their run-ins with the PA, how to contest
 your parking ticket at the JC Municipal Court and the
174 Newark Avenue  scam that costs taxpayers a bundle


Nov /Dec 2002.... JC Artists Studio Tour...
Interviews with 6 artists who presented their art during JC's annual 
Studio Tour at 111 First Street in October 2002


October/Nov 2002....  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs......  
Interview with various dog owners in the Van Vorst Park, 
Hamilton Park & Newport areas as well as featuring 
the ASCPA/Assisi Center and JC's Liberty Animal Shelters


September/Oct 2002... Tax Abatements & the Plight of 
Maintenance Workers on the Gold Coast.
Short analysis of JC's tax abatements on luxury waterfront housing 
under former Mayor Bret Schundler's administration and 
the plight of non-union maintenance workers


August/Sept 2002....  Bergen Arches #2...
The March 26th BA public meeting at City Hall in JC


August 2002....  Bergen Arches #1...
History of the Bergen Arches & the June 2002 public meeting
 at the Cordero School in JC
( Note:  In April 2003, the Final Results of the Bergen Arches Study was released.  
No future meetings / studies have been planned since the governor is on record 
that he will not allow a highway if there is local opposition and there is...  US!  

July 2002... Jersey Journal political reporter Earl Morgan & 
Executive Producer of TP Mia Scanga 
discuss current political happenings in the County

June/July 2002... The Liberty State Park Rally 
against the Development Corporation 

( Note: In May 2003, Governor McGreevey announced the dismantling 
of  the LSP Development Corporation !!!   Win for us! )

May/June 2002... Democratic Candidates for the 
County Freeholder Primary Race #2

May 2002... Democratic Candidates for the 
County Freeholder Primary Race


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